30 June 2010

Fly By Night (intro)

So...what happens when our favorite Rock Star gets lost in the back of beyond Canada and all his toys are taken away from him? What? Jon...your iPhone AND your GPS don't work because you are in NowheresVille? This is not exactly what he had in mind when he'd gone out for a little drive to clear his head.

But one unusual little house comes up over the horizon and he has to learn to thaw out a woman named January, and maybe, just maybe her kind of directions are just what he's been looking for.

This little story came to me after a whole lot of evil prodding from one of my email lists. Just how many times can you mention jeans, a buckle, and Jon in a sentence and NOT get me riled up? Just ask my girls. It doesn't take much. ;) 

My Playlist
We Fly By Night - Gary Allan
Sweet & Wild - Dierks Bentley
Keep On Lovin' You - Steel Magnolia
Heal Me - Billy Currington
Come A Little Closer - Dierks Bentley
She Gets Me - Gary Allan

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