09 August 2010

The Dark Corner

She heard the door open and caught the dim flash of light from the doorway before the door closed again. He didn’t say a word, just walked across the room, in front of the window so she could see him, feel him in the silence of the darkness. He still wore a dark dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He walked before the ghostly moonlit picture window, his movements unhurried. Silvery highlights intensified the shadows of his face, the high curve of his cheekbone, the hard slash of mouth and chin to the endless line of his throat.

She took a deep breath as he turned and the ethereal glow bounced along his chest showing the shirt open with the tails fluttering untucked at the wide silver of his buckle.

She’d been lying there for what felt like forever, in the dark…in the silence just waiting, vibrating and waiting. He’d whispered the fantasy in her ear that morning, before her eyelids had even opened. His voice low and the instructions achingly clear. Even just the words had left her restless and wet the entire day.

The party had been far worse. She’d seen the glint in his eyes from across the room as he’d schmoozed, thanked and kissed enough cheeks to make everyone feel as special as the birthday boy. His eyes had flirted, heated and watched from the moment she’d walked in, but she did as he’d asked and stayed away from him the entire evening.

She’d worn the required red China-silk dress with the thirty-six buttons that went from her neck to her knees without a wisp of anything else. She’d felt the rub and slide of the silk at her unencumbered breasts, and the sensitive line of her hairless lips that buzzed against the backing of the buttons each time she brushed against someone.

By the time the last person had left she’d been near whimpering with the need for release. The pleasure in his eyes had made it all worth it though. He, in his casual silk shirt and dress pants in that jet black that emphasized the lean line of his toned body, tugging at his jacket to hide his reaction to the red silk each time she moved the crowd made everything worth it.

And here and now, with the blinds pulled to maximize the lines of moon glow on the bed and a light breeze that lifted the wooden slats to tick and bounce off the woodwork. She lay in the dark with her red dress and her heels in the center of the bed, crisp cotton sheets beneath her and her man watching.

Her heart fluttered as he sat in the corner. She could picture the club chair in her mind, with the clean lines and the nubby texture of the male tweed colors. And the moon shone just enough to give a soft outline to his cheekbones and curving line of his abs as he sat low on the chair with his legs outstretched, a hand on each thigh with fingers splayed.

She waited, swallowing the nervous pool of saliva that kept backing up in her throat. Could she really do this for him?

“Open the first button,” he said from the darkness.

Her heart thundered in her ears so loud she wasn’t sure she’d heard him. “From the top or the bottom?” she asked.

“Bottom,” he said roughly.

She flicked it open, her fingers shaking with nerves and excitement.

“Open your legs a little.”

She let her thighs spread and felt a whisper of the breeze from the window. It felt good on her overheated flesh. She moaned a little as he ordered two more buttons to be opened.

Her hips undulated with restlessness as she pushed two more silk covered buttons through the stretchy loops. She sat up, too edgy to stay down as she took it upon herself to undo another two from the top. “Is that alright?” she asked the darkness.

“More,” he said with a husky rumble.

Another three were freed as she felt the light, cool air kiss the curve of her breast. The material cupped the fullness of her breast, holding it in even as it left her free.

“Touch your breast and tell me how it feels.”

Air lodged in her throat as she lifted her hand to her skin. “You know how I feel,” she said softly.

“Tell me,” he said on a near croak as he shifted on the chair, his eyes glittering in the dark corner.

She cupped herself, letting her palm cover her nipple as she coasted higher onto her chest, to the slope of her shoulder. “Soft,” she felt again, “Cool but hot in the center where my nipple is hard.”

“More buttons,” he said with his breath heavy in the stillness of their quiet.

She spread her legs a little and popped buttons at the bottom, until she felt the night hit her upper thighs.

“Tell me more.”

She slid her fingertips from her knees to her thighs. “Warm now, hot at the tops of my thighs.” She gasped as her fingertips brushed over her center. “I’m so sensitive,” she said and let her head drop back. “I shaved to the skin, wanting to feel everything under the dress.” She opened another one, lost in the sensations now as nerves slipped away. “You told me no underwear, but it wasn’t enough. I was glad I did it though, glad until the metal backing of the buttons rubbed against my lips all night.”

He groaned and she heard the clink of his buckle. She watched, fascinated as he lifted his hips to free himself. Groaning, he left it to snap hard against his belly, the silver glint of moon and night highlighted the hooded cap of his cock.

Her fingers drifted up to release another button as her knuckle brushed against the swollen line of her center. “I’m hot and slippery now. I have been, all night, thinking about this room, doing this for you,” she said softly.

“How wet?”

“Dripping,” she said and let herself press her knuckle harder against the ridge at the topside of her lips. She found her slim folds and opened them until her clit was revealed to the night and to the cooler air. She felt open and aware as she rubbed one finger down and back up under the sensitive pearl inside of her. “I wish it was your hands,” she said and let her head roll back on her shoulders. “My clit is tight and hot and I know that just a flick or two would finish me.”

“No!” he said roughly. “Not yet.”

She let her hand fall away and returned to the center of her dress where the buttons lay. “What do you want me to do?” she asked, content to hold off…for now.

“Cup both breasts; let me see them in the moonlight.”

She did, lifting them from the light silk as she rubbed a thumb over each tip. “God, they’re so tight that they ache,” she said. She took a deep breath and pressed down lower so she could release another button. “I can feel the smooth muscles of my belly tighten. I want to open my legs and take you in. Feel you deep,” she breathed out and lifted her breasts again. “I’m so wet; you’d slip right in until you couldn’t go any further.”

She closed her eyes for a moment, dragging the tip of her thumbnail over the swollen nipples of each breast. When she opened them, she saw his hand caressing his shaft, his thumb mirroring hers as it coasted up and over his head and back under the silky soft ridge.

She hissed and plucked at her nipples as she knelt on the bed. With a frustrated groan she undid the last of the buttons and felt the night air kiss her from sternum to thigh without the stifling silk. She wanted it to be his mouth, his kisses, but she dragged the tips of her fingers down between her breasts and the line of her belly until she found the swollen folds of herself. She opened wide and watched as he kept his strokes slow and purposeful, a light twist as he reached the base of his cock.

Mesmerized she followed his slow, soft touches and moaned as her cream coated her fingers.

“Tell me,” he moaned from the corner.

“Hot. Hot for you, only you,” she whispered. “Wet, with the juices that make me ready for you.” She panted a little as she let two fingers coast over her clit.

“Push inside,” he said darkly. “Tell me how tight you are.”

She opened herself and felt her body swallow her two middle fingers until she couldn’t reach any further. “Is that what if feels like when I take you inside?” she said and rocked against her own hand. “So warm,” she said as she plunged back inside.

She heard the soft groan as he started pumping faster. She wasn’t sure if it was from him or from her. She leaned forward and coated her fingers and came up to rub against her clit, and then back inside until she felt the quiver of release pulling at her. She opened her eyes as he arched against his own hand and she heard the swift and sharp groan.

She watched, fascinated as the shadows revealed the line of his shaft, the veins as he arched and the tight fist of his hand as he brought himself over. Her eyes rose along the V of his belly, his muscles quivering as he arched off the chair. The line of his neck as he sucked back a breath and the soft curve of his mouth open in ecstasy as he let go.

She’d never seen anything like it. All because of her, and the dress and the touches she’d inflicted on herself. She felt drunk on the power as she pushed and plucked where she knew she needed and let herself slide into the orgasm that waited for her.

“Happy Birthday,” she said breathlessly. “Did your present work out for you?”

His only response was a flash of moonlit teeth pulled back in a wolfish grin.


The Goddess Hathor said...

Damn, Tara.... Very nice...

~ Hath

Jovi's Willow said...

Holy moly girlfriend! That was a helluva way to wake up on a Monday!

Nice Job!! Amazing descriptions!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about him but it worked out for me. ;)

Jovilove07 said...

WOW. I wish I can open this stuff at work..I miss SO damn much now... Dang...that was HOT

jovilove07 said...

I WILL NEVER EVER grow tired of this one tara

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